B3 Shortcuts with the fearless film & television producer

Effie T Brown

B3 were delighted to invite the wonderful all round superhero Effie T Brown down to a packed out Ritzy Cinema in Brixton in June to share some insights into getting and sustaining work, THAT episode of Project Greenlight, and more! Effie provided a refreshingly honest account of getting into the industry, her influences and mentors, and her ever-expanding production crew. She gave us the low down on getting acknowledgement from the Industry, playing fair and providing opportunities to the next wave of creatives.

[On John Hughes’ films]

“These were the movies that really affected me, but I never saw myself reflected [in them]. It was out of that reaction that made me want to go into film and television.” – Effie Brown 

Effie T. Brown is a film and television producer known for such films and television series as ‘Rocket Science’, ‘In the Cut’, ‘Real Women Have Curves’, ‘Desert Blue’, ‘Dear White People’, and ‘But I'm a Cheerleader’. In 2001 and founded her own production company ‘Duly Noted Inc.’ where the motto reads; “Our process is simple but significant. We produce. Period.”