B3 Media Update – Summer/ Autumn 2019

We’ve had a busy few months at B3 with exciting new projects and updates from our network! Here’s what we’ve been up to: 


B3 Media’s Creative Catalysts is a new incubator lab for 12 artists and filmmakers to explore their creativity, develop commercial and digital skills, and gain vital industry contacts,will be inviting calls for new projects from mid-August 2019.

B3 Creative Catalysts programme has two key aims:  

  • First, create a unique development and mentoring support programme which supports young emerging BAME creatives from the Lambeth area;

  • Second, address a lack of provision of cutting edge support for ethnically and culturally diverse filmmakers within the Lambeth area.

B3 Creative Catalysts is one of several projects support by Lambeth Council’s ELEVATE,borough-wide programme with a mission to support diverse talent as part of it’s wider creative and digital industries strategy in the area.

Earlier in July, we ran a successful pop-up creative lab for a packed room of young creatives as part of our soon to be launched Creative Catalysts incubator which launches August.  The workshop was part of Lambeth’s ERIC Festival, a careers fair which aims to promote diversity in creative careers and provide more opportunities for young people across the borough.


ELEVATE is also supporting the following projects in 2019 that enable people from all backgrounds to realise their creative potential: Livity | Inside Out at Lambeth Country Show, The Old Vic Lambeth Front Line, The WOW Foundation's WOWsers, Creative London: The South Bank, and A Lambeth Cultural Education Partnership.

Click here for more information.

B3 Creative Catalysts programme will run between September – October 2019. A call for submissions will open in mid-August 2019.


TalentLab 2019 is a unique creative talent development network aimed at the UK’s emerging and established BAME filmmakers, writers, creative producers, and artists across genres.

Backed by ScreenSkills and University of Nottingham’s Horizon/Mixed Reality Lab, TalentLab 2019 will offer participants a unique opportunity to hone their skills, sharpen their focus and gain the contacts and confidence to compete in producing cross-media content, and connecting their work with audiences on and offline.

B3 TalentLab will run between September to November, 2019.

For more info visit: b3media.net/talentlab



What would you do if you found out your workmates earned more than you simply because they were white? That question faced hundreds of migrant workers at Leicester’s Imperial Typewriter factory in May 1974. Some put up with this discrimination. But a group of 39 staff, mostly South Asian women, decided to act. They went on strike and were soon joined by hundreds of others who also demanded equality.

This is the story behind our latest project, The Strike at Imperial Typewriters, an ambitious storytelling project inspired by the historic Asian worker’s strike of 1974.

The project concept for the exhibition was initially developed through B3‘s TalentLab. The exhibition, co-curated by Divya Ghelani (writer/ researcher) and produced by Marc Boothe, successfully opened last month to a capacity audience at Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester.


Following it’s recent launch, the exhibition will be open to the public until October 2019.

The multi-platform project traces the legacy of the mass walk-out at The Imperial Typewriter Company in May 1974, by approximately 500 Asian workers citing unfair conditions and discrimination. The project also includes a series of films, which tells the story about the strike by the ex-workers from the Imperial Typewriters factory and also commentary from writers, academics and activists who provide a fresh context about the strike and outreach programme has something for everyone and includes commentaries featuring Amrit Wilson, Professor Emerita Avtar Brah, Dr Carlton Howson, Sujata Aurora, Tariq Ali and Yuri Prasad. Their reflections stand alongside our oral history interviewees and help us reclaim this forgotten Leicester story of resistance

Storytelling is at the core of The Strike at Imperial Typewriters project, which features an exhibition, as well as oral histories, an online space, talks, workshops, and flash fiction events in Leicester city centre.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is supported by the unique skills and resources of partners including: Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality Lab, University of Leicester, Leicester Museums, and Phoenix Arts Centre, Sikh Community Centre/ Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara and the Stephen Lawerence Research Center and more.


Our talks and education activities, which have attracted widespread local interest and support, have included a guided walk along the original Striker Route, led by co-curator Divya Ghelani, community workshops and public talks and more.

Forthcoming events include:

  • Saturday 28 September - Literary Salon 1: Protest Then and Now

  • Saturday 12 October - Women’s Resistance: Voices, Agency and Protest

  • Saturday 26 October 2019 - Literary Salon: Flash Fiction Factory

To find out more about the project, the exhibition, oral histories, talks series, community workshops, flash fiction events and more, please check out the website: https://strikeatimperial.net.


The Summer/ Autumn promises a lot of opportunities and we look forward to working with new artists on fresh collaborations and fun events. Make sure to check in at our website and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with what B3 is getting up to!