TalentLab developed short 'Our Father' completes filming!

Huge congrats to Writer/Director Sami Abusamra and the team for completing his TalentLab developed short 'Our Father'. 'Our Father' was one of six shorts which received support from Directors UK’s ALEXA Challenge 2017.

The short tells the story of evangelical preacher and his daughter. She hopes for a miracle that will cure her chronic epilepsy so he must either provide her with the divine cure that he’s unable to deliver, or admit to her that he is a charlatan.

"Working with B3 gave us access to some really experienced storytellers and their input and advice elevated our film immeasurably. The bursary we were granted saved us from digging too deep in to our pockets which after self financing short films for years was an enormous relief."

-Sami Abusamra

Watch this space for festival news!