TalentLab 2017: Phase One Update

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B3 Media welcomed some of tomorrows' rising stars in November for the 2017 rendition of our TalentLab programme consisting of representatives  across VR, short form, documentary, performance art, feature and animation – we loved spending time with them all!

So say hello to Imwen Eke, Jum Faruq, Gloria Huwiler, Soraya Syed, Roxana Vilk, Riyadh Haque, Zainab Balami, Omari Swantson-Jeffers, Mei Leng Yew, Raisah Ahmed, Magali An Berthon, Hari Ramakrishnan, Marcus Thomas and finally Faisal Metalsi

I was a little anxious to be in a room full of people from a range of art forms but it’s been the most immense experience.
— Anonymous Feedback
TalentLab has opened up my eyes to the possibilities and potential of my project AND myself!
— Anonymous Feedback

TalentLab 2017 participants were put through their paces across a week  of seminars and workshops by a group including TL alumni, animators, directors, producers and writers. We kicked off  the week with a very special warm up session from life coach Jackee Holder followed by workshops with sound expert Larry Sider, the tech savvy Jacob Sam La Rose, VR expert Alex Lambert and producer Hank Starrs amongst others. 

We invited past participants who kindly spent time sharing their artists' journeys with us as they all wanted to meet the new group. We welcomed back Writer Selina Lim, Writer/Director Sami Abusamra, Writer Divya Ghelani, Visual artist and filmmaker Riffy Ahmed, Poet/Performer Roger Robinson, Writer/ Performing Artist Yolanda Mercy and filmmakers Nosa Eke, Afia Nmruka and Dean Anderson. B3 sends them all a huge Thank You as the room fizzed with almost kinetic power when the old met the new!

I felt that I found (finally) a space to share and express my project and interests in a diverse, inclusive environment.
— Anonymous Feedback
This workshop genuinely has had a profound impact on my confidence as I slog my way to where I want to be as a filmmaker.
— Anonymous Feedback

The second half of the development week took it up a notch with our very special Guest Mentors Nelson George (writer/producer - The Get Down) and  Effie T Brown (producer - Dear White People[feature])! Both Nelson and Effie took the cohort on serious journeys of self discovery getting to the core of their projects ready to bring them to life with opportunities to pitch and gain constructive feedback.

The confidence I’ve gained is huge. Pitching and sharing my ideas with Effie and Nelson and hearing that it’s good means I can take any of my ideas anywhere and know that it’s good enough.
— Anonymous Feedback

As we enter Phase 2 the group will now work on, and resubmit their projects - those getting through will be shortlisted for development.

Good luck to the TalentLab 2017 cohort; it’s been an amazing journey so far and we’re excited to see where the next few weeks takes us! 

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