Mary U Ful A Grase – Raph Adas with Marc Boothe _ First World W.jpg

'Mary U Ful A Grase'

A spoken word/ film project - B3 mentored Jamaican poet Raphelita Adas to produce her poem and a short film about Mary Seacole the pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War as part of the ARMISTICE 100 DAYS project.  'Mary U Ful A Grase' is a collaboration between the Imperial War Museum and 26 Writers.

ARMISTICE 100 DAYS - Backstory 

100 writers from writers’ group 26 have chosen and written about people from the First World War 100 years ago: the famous, the neglected, men and women of many races, countries and backgrounds. Their extraordinary, poignant stories are captured in a short form – the centena, invented for this project, exactly 100 words. These stories are backed up by the research and family trails that led to these moving pieces of writing, that will be read by six of the writers on the evening.

Click here to check out Raph’s powerful tribute to Mary Seacole and the backstory to the project.