Kotchebi Soars!

Thank you to everyone who helped to crowdfund B3 developed short film Kotchebi – we raised a whopping £15K in 4 weeks!

Filming has officially wrapped and we’re now heading into post-production. The journey of Kotchebi isn’t over just yet – follow Kotchebi on Facebook and twitter for future updates on the film.

Here’s a quick thank you video from our lead actor, Mi Young:

Kotchebi, directed and written by In-Sook Chappell (Director of B3 developed Features project This Isn’t Romance), is the first British-Korean film. KOTCHEBI (‘wandering swallow’ – North Korean slang for the orphaned children who roam the streets searching for food) is a story of healing and connection between a North Korean child refugee, and a Korean War veteran living side-by-side in the UK. Kotchebi has been developed and supported by B3 Media. 


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