On the weekend of Friday 18th September 2015 B3 Media invited five cross platform artists to join a 24-hour Hack Camp as part of Music Tech Fest 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia for an experimental challenge that would see them step out of their comfort zones and allow themselves and their projects to be hacked by coders, developers, musicians, artists, researchers, inventors and makers from across Europe – with brilliant results!

This unique challenge:  #HacktheArtist was realised by B3 Media as part of our TalentLab 2015 programme in partnership with Music Tech Fest where artists took part in the “Hack the Artist” 24-hour challenge.

Music Tech Fest is the festival of music ideas that gathers innovators with varying backgrounds from across Europe. The festival features a 24-hour hack camp in the quest to develop new formats, explore new modes of expression and invent new forms of music.

The five participating artists were (from left to right):

·      Sandi Hughes

·      Ron Herrema

·      Grant Smith

·      Annelie Nederberg

·      Leila Zerai



After an intense 24 hours our artists took to the festivals main stage at Cankerjev Dom, Ljubljana’s fantastic cultural centre, to present their projects to a packed out audience and panel of judges.

We’re delighted to announce that both Leila Zerai and Grant Smith were presented with an  Music Tech Festival 2015 Hack The Artist Award for their joint project ‘Time on Earth’. 

The projects have now gone on to receive further development support as part of B3’s TalentLab programme and residencies at Nottingham Universities Horizon/ Mixed Reality Labs.



B3 TalentLab aims to transform emerging talent, using a model that has proven successful across film, digital arts and interactive media.