Genre: Short fiction drama 


Family Portrait is a short film about a mother taking her son to a photography studio and the tension that ensues when the son realises there is more to the relationship between his mother and the photographer. At its core this film deals with the relationship between a mother and her son and the conflict that can arise when another man attempts to enter this relationship and take the role of a father or provider.  




About the artist: 

Ahmad El-Sanhouri a British born Sudanese filmmaker and photographer is keen to explore stories that touch upon his heritage and experiences. In particular works that express and celebrate the vibrant cultures that co exist in the UK today. Graduating from The University of Creative Arts in 2003 he has since worked on several creative projects.  Notably in 2007 he was awarded a grant by the Haringey Council to direct his short Dear Anne Frank, the story of an Arabic girl chosen for the lead role of Anne Frank in a school play and the tension this causes with her mother who doesn't want her playing the role of a Jewish girl. 

Ahmad's photography has been exhibited at the British museum and his projects have been hugely diverse, ranging from traveling through The Sudan, documenting the Hajj pilgrimage or taking photographs of Underground commuters for his website

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