Blank Slate is a UK-wide digital shorts film scheme which supports the next generation of cutting-edge, black, Asian and minority ethnic filmmaking talent, resulting in an exciting and eclectic range of work.  It also acts as a springboard for some of the strongest talent to progress to features.  Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, Blank Slate is part of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund Digital Shorts Scheme.  Blank Slate is produced by B3 Media in partnership with the UK Film Council and Arts Council England.

The following short films were commissioned as part of Blank Slate 2009/10.


Skateboards and Spandex

Dur: 15’48”

Dir. Mustapha Kseibati

A bullied teenage schoolboy teams up with two misfits to defeat the bully and win a girls heart in a classic tale of overcoming the monster. 'Napoleon Dynamite' meets 'The Goonies', in an 80s kid's comedy with a 21st century twist.


Burn My Body

Dur: 20’09”

Dir. Fyzal Boulifa

Hana doesn’t want to wear her headscarf to the mall. The rest of the family makes her. When her Father’s watchful gaze is momentarily broken, she removes it. Soon after, exposed and in public, she is surprised to find two dangerous young men making sexual advances towards her.



Dur: 18’25”

Dir. Gurchetan Singh

Alyssa tries to build a relationship with her daughter after serving a two-year sentence for audio addiction to the frequency.


Winking Man Rock

Dur: 17’00”

Dir. Annetta Laufer

When two urban teenagers are trapped in the wilds of the Peak District, they are forced to put aside their rivalry in order to survive and find mutual respect and the start of friendship.  


It's Cold Outside

Dur: 19’51”

Dir. Piers Hill

A darkly humorous character study-cum-hallucinogenic nightmare, following first year philosophy student, Arran. Offended by the world and descending into paranoia, he is mysteriously - inextricably - drawn, as a moth is to the light, into the arms of a rural Christian cult.