Blank Slate is a UK-wide digital shorts film scheme which supports the next generation of cutting-edge, black, Asian and minority ethnic filmmaking talent, resulting in an exciting and eclectic range of work.  It also acts as a springboard for some of the strongest talent to progress to features.  Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, Blank Slate is part of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund Digital Shorts Scheme.  Blank Slate is produced by B3 Media in partnership with the UK Film Council and Arts Council England.

The following short films were commissioned as part of Blank Slate 2008/9.


My Dad the Communist

Dur: 17’30”

Dir. Lab Ki Mo

Tony is a teenager whose enigmatic Chinese dad has a near-death experience in a car crash. Tony yearns to break down the cultural barriers between him and his Dad before it’s too late.



Dur: 15’01”

Dir. Doug Rao

A by-the-book right-wing politician takes to the campaign trail with a young hard-liner. an encounter with an asian woman from his past muddies the political waters...


Lost Paradise

Dur: 13’36”

Dir. Waleed Akhtar

Ismat once saw a future and now she only sees a past. Can she get back something that is lost without losing who she has become?


Our Time Alone

Dur: 14’58”

Dir. Gurchetan Signh

Harpreet is struggling with her father's mental illness. When she confronts her fears she is left with a terrifying conclusion.


Big Tingz

Dur: 13’45”

Dir. Mustapha Kseibati

Nathan and Mo are desperate to prove themselves to local gang master Sukhi. So he sets them a task, to enter the lion’s den of local recluse drug dealer Kevin and steal his stash of weed. But things go from bad to worse in unexpected ways.


Nothing is Impossible

Dur: 09’18”

Dir. Nina Duttaroy

Nothing Is Impossible is a portrait of Fauja Singh: a 98 year-old long distance runner who keeps running. He holds the fastest over 90 year-old marathon race time, and he defies perceived notions of age with a twinkle in his eye and an infectious zest for life.