Blank Slate is a UK-wide digital shorts film scheme which supports the next generation of cutting-edge, black, Asian and minority ethnic filmmaking talent, resulting in an exciting and eclectic range of work.  It also acts as a springboard for some of the strongest talent to progress to features.  Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, Blank Slate is part of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund Digital Shorts Scheme.  Blank Slate is produced by B3 Media in partnership with the UK Film Council and Arts Council England.

The following short films were commissioned as part of Blank Slate 2007/8.


Manali Cream

Dur: 15’31”

Dir. Navdeep Kandola

Three twenty-somethings search for the elusive Menali Cream. But nothing is ever as it seems.



Dur: 11’25”

Dir. Fyzal Boulifa

Azeem pursues his white girlfriend Gemma as they play a ritualistic sadomasochistic game. When he sends an intimate video of Gemma to schoolmates, things spin out of control.



Dur: 15’30”

Dir. Juliet Ellis

Blue examines the notion of family and the fragility of relationships. We follow one night in Anthony’s life, as his grief shatters all perception of time.



Dur: 14’02”

Dir. Piers Hill

Crimson follows the darkly comic odyssey of Jake, a dislocated youth, as he journeys across Leicester. The film is a meditation on alienation, English culture, Americanisation, and spiritual decay.


Granny’s Ghost

Dur: 11’17”

Dir. Lab Ky Mo

Billy, a Chinese boy from Belfast is visited by his granny from Hong Kong. However, Granny, a medium, hasn’t come alone: she has unwittingly brought a ghost.