Blank Slate is a UK-wide digital shorts film scheme which supports the next generation of cutting-edge, black, Asian and minority ethnic filmmaking talent, resulting in an exciting and eclectic range of work.  It also acts as a springboard for some of the strongest talent to progress to features.  Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year, Blank Slate is part of the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund Digital Shorts Scheme.  Blank Slate is produced by B3 Media in partnership with the UK Film Council and Arts Council England.

The following short films were commissioned as part of Blank Slate 2006/07.



Dur: 10’05”

Dir. Rikki Beadle-Blair

On a South London estate the local youths see themselves as being in a war – against the police, gangs, the world. They think nothing of bullying an effeminate young African asylum-seeker and his mother. But the young African has a secret: he knows more about war than they ever will.


Making History

Dur: 09’25”

Dir. Caecilia Tripp, Karen D McKinnon

A film mixing real time documentary of an unedited conversation of two famous poets - one the father of Dub poetry and the other Nobel prize nominated, breaking the bread together on questions of identity, and a fictional element, of a young woman cruising through night time New York.


Taxi For The Comedian

Dur: 10’04”

Dir. Simon Antoine

Old school’ comedian Jimmy faces a very unfamiliar audience, and soon realises that his style of comedy is so very out of date. Can he survive the evening with his reputation intact?


Enter The Preacher

Dur: 10’05”

Dir. Paulette James

A kick-ass preacher takes to the streets to help solve the problem of respect in his neighbourhood. He didn’t reckon on his old nemesis turning up in time for a kung fu showdown. Good just got bad.


Urban Framing

Dur: 05’52”

Dir. Wanda Hu

Urban Framing is an experimental documentary; a building plays the main character and narrator. The story is an unspoken conversation with the urban context .This provides the audience with a new cinematic experience to look at architecture and the city in a different manner.



Dur: 09’23”

Dir. Fyzal Boulifa

An austere Arab mother and her tearaway teen daughter struggle with a family dynamic in transition..