What We Do


At heart, we are a storytelling organisation. We work with artists across various disciplines (film, theatre, visual arts, literature, music and multi-media) to get their stories seen and heard.

Everything we do is about connecting talent with opportunity, and we harness the power of the web and technology to reach the widest possible audience. Our diverse programme is built around discovering, nurturing and showcasing emerging artists, specifically seeking out talent within the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.


What We Offer


•  Networking:  Giving access to people, networks, opportunities, ideas, technologies and skills.

•  Training:  Hot-housing new ideas and talent through workshops and training.

•  Support:  Offering bespoke mentoring and one to one advice from people who have already done it.

•  Production: Providing support and state-of-the-art facilities for the production of new work.

•  Showcasing:  Creating showcases for new work; raising profiles and connecting artists with audiences.


B3 Media has helped shape and invigorate the UK arts scene, with a unique focus on telling stories that transcend boundaries. Stories that defy expectations of identity, whether culture, gender or creed. Our labs and incubator are where you can try stuff out, take risks, fail and keep on trying. B3 Media was built by those of us who broke through against the odds.


Here’s to those of you still coming through despite the “nos.”


To be continued…